BlueFrog Media Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO and Analytics

SEO Frog

Performance is everything with Blue Frog Media’s digital marketing services and strategies.

We’re not interested in just giving you a colourful and attractive website, it has to perform. We will not offer you news services and social media integration unless we are sure each and every word and strategy we produce is going to deliver results.

With our SEO and Analytics services, we take into consideration every possible aspect of your business’ model – how it works, how it is performing – and what can be changed or enhanced to maximise your online potential.

Our SEO and Analytics solutions include:

  • Website analysis
    • How is your site performing?
  • Site monitoring
    • User flow and campaign management
    • On-page macro analysis
  • Copywriting
    • Original, targeted content
    • Keyword targeting and analysis
  • Reporting
    • What advertising is performing best?
    • Is Google analytics right for you?